Sunday, May 1, 2011


So as it turns out, I don't normally post here all that much, unless I have some new photos or some shit to show you.

HOWEVER: I do have a twitter account which I post to at least half a dozen times a day. This is seriously the best way to get a handle on what I'm currently doing, since posting all this shit to my facebook makes me look like an asshole who loves to just shit up peoples' news feeds. And posting here means I have to be sitting at my computer. Which incidentally is a pretty rare occasion these days.

So IF YOU SERIOUSLY WANT TO: you can get a long hard grasp of my daily shit at!/noyesalex

Yes, that IS my real name and some of my info plastered into the Internet. If I had anything to hide, I would have put more thought into it. OH WELL OH SHIT OH GOSH.

Anyway, stay unruly you heartless monsters.


TLDR: Follow me on twitter assholes.


  1. oh you hve a pretty quirky personality, sick though! heaps keen to see future blogs! followed

  2. Now we have your real name. OH NO! I see you are not a fan of Donald Trump. Will be following :P

  3. i can stalk you proper now :P